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Gwynne Popham
Tyn Y Plancau Farm in Hensol
Born 16th October 1959
Passed away suddenly on 18th April 2020

Poem for

Here I lie beneath the sod,
Leave me to my rest, Oh God.
Tax me not with heaven or hell,
Here will do me very well.

Winter chills and blooming bills.
The roof is leaking and kids aren’t speaking
Broken shafts and overdrafts.
Endless rains, and blocked up drains.
Coughs and sneezes, credit squeezes.
The truck won't pass the MOT.

Bobcats tyre is off the rim another job to do for him
Now it won’t blooming start
It will surely one day break his heart
At last its all fixed and ready to use and on its way to a job at Huws.

The horse is now lame oh that’s a shame
Where’s the geese? We’ll never get any peace
More expenses, broken fences.
Pig escaping from its sty.

Summers days and the suns lovely rays
Baler broken, swear words spoken.
Rain looks near, his biggest fear.
Can’t get the bales any higher now another flat back tyre.

Never mind the chorus of angels,
Prayers and hymns and holy stuff.
Never mind the life hereafter,
The one I’ve had is quite enough.

So here I lie beneath the sod,
Leave me to my rest oh God.